The word PoePoe in Hawaiian describes a round or circular object. At the heart of human nature people are seeking to reconnect with their true spirit, and at PoePoe we seek to facilitate this circular movement. At PoePoe we offer a warm and friendly atmosphere where connections are made and inspiration can blossom.



The world is in the midst of a transformation in which people are shifting their focus from the material to the importance of the “heart”. The philosophy that “happiness lies in the mind” was a basic principal in a culture that values nature and Hawaii is no exception. This idea has been passed down from generation to generation in Hawaii and still continues on today.

Hulas popularity exploded in the late 1990s and, around the same time, ukulele was taking hold as one of the most sought after instruments around the world. This only proves that Hawaiian culture has become considerably influential worldwide and is an indication that the people of this modern society are seeking to reconnect with their ancient roots. We have created an opportunity for people who are intrigued by Hawaiian culture and would like to explore the world of hula and ukulele in more depth.

Please feel free to drop by! And join us here at PoePoe Hawaiian Culture Center!

Kazuyuki Sekiguchi


We are located on the 2nd floor of the Century Center, Suite #206. Century Center is just across the street from the Hawaii Convention Center on the corner of Kalakaua Avenue and Kapiolani Blvd at the entrance to Waikiki. Centrally located with several bus stops nearby, Century Center is just minutes away from Ala Moana Shopping Center and Don Quijote.

1750 Kalakaua Ave ♯206 Honolulu HI 96826 USA

Email: info@poepoehcc.com